Partner with us and let us help you meet your clients' transformation and modernization needs.
Golden Code Development is interested in partnering with organizations who want to help their clients refactor, modernize, or migrate Progress applications using the FWD technology. Since the FWD project is open source, it is entirely possible for Progress experts, developers, and consultants to build a services business based on this technology without engaging us at all! That being said, we are eager to work with you at the level that is appropriate to your needs and those of your clients. We are happy to offer our services to make you successful, be it adding a missing feature or working a defect; training or providing consulting advice; providing a dual license; or helping to manage a project from kickoff to completion. So long as it makes business sense for you, for your client, and for us, we are flexible in how we collaborate with partners. Contact us today and let's discuss how we can work together.
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