NOTE: the product described in this section is no longer generally available, but can be made available on an as-is, exception basis for customers still supporting a legacy OS/2 install base. Please contact Golden Code Development.

Promotional materials referencing this product may contain out-of-date information.

Kernel Trace Kernel Trace for OS/2® is software designed to reduce the cost of ownership of your OS/2 systems. It enables any OS/2 machine in your enterprise to generate a detailed trace of system activity and requests made of the OS/2 kernel. This trace is written to a binary file for later analysis. Kernel Trace makes it easy to gather traces, whether on a local machine, or on the most remote machine in your enterprise. It is easily deployed through standard software distribution.

Kernel Trace leverages the hooks provided for an installable security subsystem by OS/2, to collect useful information about the activity of your applications and of the kernel itself (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Kernel Trace High Level Architecture

With Kernel Trace and the Golden Code Trace Analyzer, system developers, integrators, and administrators have a view into the activity of any application running on any OS/2 workstation, enabling them to solve problems and tune your system like never before!

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