NOTE: the product described in this section is no longer generally available, but can be made available on an as-is, exception basis for customers still supporting a legacy OS/2 install base. Please contact Golden Code Development.

Promotional materials referencing this product may contain out-of-date information.

Operating Systems Support

Kernel Trace for OS/2 is supported on versions of the OS/2 operating system currently supported by IBM®. Although this product may function properly on older versions of OS/2, support for these versions will be provided on a best efforts basis only. Fixpak updates for OS/2 may be required.
Tested OS/2 Version
Fixpak Level
OS/2 v3.01
OS/2 v4.0
XR0M012, XR0M013
WorkSpace On-DemandTM Client
Warp Server v4.01
Warp Server v4.01 with WorkSpace On-Demand Manager
Warp Server for eBusinessTM
  1. Warp v3.0 (and products based on this including Warp Server v4.0) MUST be at least fixpak 16 (XR_W016).  This was the fixpak in which IBM introduced the SES callouts.  Kernel Trace will not run on prior fixpak levels.

Hardware Requirements

While there are no specific, minimum, hardware requirements beyond what is normally required to run OS/2 adequately, Golden Code Development recommends the following hardware resource levels:
Hardware Resource Recommendation
CPU 200 MHz PentiumTM
Disk Space Depends upon the amount of data gathered

Statement of Year 2000 Compliance

When properly used in accordance with its associated documentation, Kernel Trace for OS/2 will correctly store, display, process, provide and/or receive date data from, into and between 1999 and 2000 and the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, including leap year calculations, provided that all other technology used in combination with Kernel Trace for OS/2 properly exchange accurate date data with it.