NOTE: the product described in this section is no longer generally available, but can be made available on an as-is, exception basis for customers still supporting a legacy OS/2 install base. Please contact Golden Code Development.

Promotional materials referencing this product may contain out-of-date information.

Network Trace for OS/2 is the only network packet capture software commercially available today for the OS/2 platform. Highlights include:

Hardware-independence. Network Trace for OS/2 can be used with a wide range of network hardware - for example: 16/4 Token Ring, 10/100 Ethernet, wireless LANs, infrared, FDDI, and ATM. Because it is a software-only implementation, it will work with any speed adapter, including 100 Mbps Ethernet. This is achieved by interfacing with any NDIS 2.01 compliant MAC driver.

Power. Network Trace works reliably in stressful environments, tracing WorkSpace On-Demand / RIPL boot storms of 50+ machines without dropping frames!

Versatility. Network Trace forms the basis of a powerful, portable tracing solution when installed on a single, network-enabled notebook computer (see Figure 1 - Standalone Configuration). However, its true benefits are realized when the software is deployed throughout the enterprise. In an integrated configuration (see Figure 2 - Integrated Configuration), any remote OS/2 machine can produce traces, when accessed from a central location using existing remote management technologies, such as telnet or Netfinity Manager.

Simplicity. In order to support the widest range of customer environments, Network Trace has a command line interface. This simplifies remote use and enables automation via REXX. The trace files generated are Sniffer(TM)-compatible, making them readable by most existing network analyzer tools and with the Golden Code