NOTE: the product described in this section is no longer generally available, but can be made available on an as-is, exception basis for customers still supporting a legacy OS/2 install base. Please contact Golden Code Development.

Promotional materials referencing this product may contain out-of-date information.

Problems may be reported by sending an e-mail to with the subject "J2SE 1.4.1 Problem Report". The report should include at minimum the following information:

  • Your name and organization, as registered
  • Your license serial number (run java -Xlicenseverify to obtain this number)
  • Your return e-mail address, if different than the sending address
  • A full description of the problem
  • A description of your computing environment; for example:
    • OS/2 version
    • WorkSpace On-Demand?
    • Languages and code pages in use
    • Video drivers and versions, if problem seems video related
    • Network topology and hardware/software in use, if network related
    • etc...
  • A small test case which recreates the problem, if possible.
  • The hs_err_pid*.log file which accompanies the error, if any
Golden Code Development provides a license to use its J2SE 1.4.1 software for OS/2 at a price which is kept low because it does not include the cost of support. We cannot and do not guarantee that problems reported without a paid support contract in place will be resolved.

Fee-based Support. Fee-based support is available under separate contract, either from Golden Code Development directly, or through IBM Global Services. IBM Global Services can provide level 1 and 2 support for this product in many countries, backed by level 3 defect support from Golden Code Development. Golden Code provides:

  • maintenance of custom build lines for individual customers;
  • unlimited level 3 defect support;
  • guaranteed response time for problem reports;
  • an alert service to notify customers proactively of any substantive defects in the product, especially security flaws, discovered by Golden Code or by Sun Microsystems;
  • on-site assistance for defect support, deployment, planning, application development consulting
  • phone access, off-hours support, defined escalation paths for emergency access;
  • maintenance of customers' environments at our labs for problem recreation and proactive regression testing.
Golden Code Development can also provide deployment, planning, and application development services.

Please contact Golden Code Development directly for further information about our support contract options.