Golden Code Development Releases FWD v3.1

New Version of Open Source Project Features Code Analytics for Progress ABL Applications

September 26, 2017 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Golden Code Development Corporation today announced version 3.1 of the FWD open source project software is now available for download. FWD is an alternative to Progress OpenEdge, featuring a range of unique enhancements that add new capabilities to ABL applications.

FWD v3.1 features a complete rewrite of its powerful Code Analytics tool set. Aging Progress 4GL applications are increasingly undergoing a significant refactoring and modernization effort. To modernize 4GL application code properly, one must thoroughly understand the existing implementation and its dependencies, so that changes do not break current functionality. Without FWD, this requires extremely time consuming and error prone manual investigation of the code and schemata, made orders of magnitude more difficult by the size of these applications.

FWD's revolutionary Code Analytics tool set provides powerful capabilities for the deep inspection of ABL code and schemata. FWD uses automation to search and analyze even the largest of applications, enabling developers to find comprehensive and exact answers to questions that are otherwise unanswerable.

In addition to ad-hoc search and inspection, FWD has an extensive set of pre-defined reports and statistics, a web-based interface for searching and reviewing reports, and an interactive source code view that shows the code and abstract syntax trees side by side.

FWD also provides a set of advanced tooling for Call Graph Analysis, providing unique capabilities such as the ability to identify all dead code in an application. Large 4GL applications typically contain 25-40% dead code. Dropping dead code simplifies complex systems and eliminates a large, hidden burden that has inhibited application development for years.

There is no need to convert an ABL application to Java to enjoy the benefit of FWD’s Code Analytics tools. Golden Code Development previewed these tools to an enthusiastic response at the PUG Americas Challenge conference earlier this year.

FWD v3.1 also contains a web application replacement of its administration and management system, as well as many new features and fixes to its core conversion and runtime technology.

Download FWD v3.1 at For a full list of changes since v3.0, please refer to the change log posted there.

About Golden Code Development Corporation

A technology consulting firm, Golden Code Development applies its technical talent and engineering creativity to solve its clients' most complex problems. For more than two decades, the firm has provided engineering services to some of the world's most respected and recognized companies, including Bank of America, IBM, Intel, Comcast, SunTrust, and Scientific Atlanta.

Golden Code Development's creation and successful deployment of FWD makes it the first and only organization ever to deliver a fully automated conversion and strictly compatible runtime environment as a drop-in replacement for OpenEdge. As the world's leading authority on the automated conversion, refactoring, and modernization of Progress applications, Golden Code provides a full range of service and support offerings to back the FWD technology.

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