Golden Code Development to Open Source Its Progress to Java Conversion Technology in 1Q2017

FWDTM Technology Provides a Drop-In Replacement for Progress® OpenEdge®

January 10, 2017 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Golden Code Development Corporation today announced it will release its FWD technology under an open source license. FWD is Progress ABL to Java conversion software that has been used to successfully convert multiple ABL applications, ranging in size from ~250K to ~6 million lines of code.

The FWD conversion process and runtime environment provides a 100% automated conversion of an entire ABL application into the Java equivalent, supporting legacy features necessary to run a wide range of existing Progress ABL applications including ChUI, GUI, batch mode, and Appserver deployments. The vast majority of OpenEdge installations can be easily converted to a lower cost Java platform. The converted code compiles and runs as a drop-in replacement for the original OpenEdge-based application, without hand editing or post-processing.

Not just a conversion tool, FWD provides an ABL compatibility framework which allows the converted application to look and behave identically to the legacy OpenEdge system, eliminating the need to modify business processes and retrain end users.

Golden Code Development CEO Greg Shah stated, "FWD is a game changing technology that massively reduces the cost of switching away from OpenEdge. By releasing FWD under an open source license, we are removing ourselves as the constraint to worldwide adoption of this technology. Golden Code is excited to build a community around this breakthrough technology, to further fuel the project’s growth and success."

Eric Faulhaber, Golden Code’s CFO noted that "As the creators of FWD, we are strategically positioned to provide exceptional support and services. Golden Code offers everything from ad hoc consulting to full turnkey conversion projects. Based on pre-launch market demand, Golden Code has engaged an investment bank to raise debt and equity capital to meet our additional staffing and working capital requirements."

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About Golden Code Development Corporation

A technology consulting and services firm, Golden Code Development applies its technical talent and engineering creativity to solve its clients' most complex problems. Over the past twenty-two years, the firm has provided engineering services to some of the world's most respected and recognized companies, including Bank of America, IBM, Intel, Comcast, SunTrust, and Scientific Atlanta.

Golden Code Development's creation and successful deployment of FWD makes it the first and only organization ever to deliver a fully automated conversion and strictly compatible runtime environment as a drop-in replacement for OpenEdge. As the world's leading authority on the automated conversion, refactoring, and modernization of Progress applications, Golden Code provides a full range of service and support offerings to back the FWD technology.

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