Golden Code® Progress® 4GL to Java® Conversion Technology Proven in Production Environment

Converted Mission Critical ERP System In Enterprise-Wide Use for More than One Year

October 8, 2010 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Golden Code Development Corporation today announced the production deployment and sustained use of its P2J(TM) (Progress to Java) technology at a multi-location, enterprise customer for more than a year.  Golden Code Development and its customer used P2J to convert a large, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application from its original, Progress 4GL implementation to an equivalent system implemented in Java.  The converted application was rolled out enterprise-wide last year and has been running continuously with no show-stopper issues for well over a year.  The new system is used at multiple sites by thousands of employees in support of a nationwide, 24 hours-a-day x 365 days-per-year service operation.  With it, the pilot P2J customer manages key aspects of its business, including accounting, inventory, purchasing, order management, workflow, timekeeping, and financial planning.

The application, originally comprised of some 840,000 lines of Progress 4GL source code, had been developed over several decades by diverse developers using a wide variety of Progress 4GL language features and programming styles.  It was converted on an automated basis to Java source code using Golden Code P2J conversion technology.  The resulting application required no manual, post-conversion source code edits to run.  Application data were migrated using P2J tools from legacy Progress databases to an open source, relational database.  The P2J runtime environment, implemented in Java, supports the converted system as a drop-in replacement for the original system.

The new application runs on the Java platform and replaced legacy installations of Progress database and runtime software.  Since the converted application looks and behaves virtually identically to the old system, the customer did not need to modify its existing business processes, and no end user retraining was necessary.  With its dependency on Progress software eliminated, the customer was able to move its application to commodity hardware and to the operating system of its choice, without encumbrances.  Private consultations with this pilot customer are available upon request.

Golden Code Development Partner Greg Shah stated, "Our client is thrilled with the removal of the Progress software stack, which allowed it to eliminate a perpetual "tax" on running its application, and to invest its IT dollars in more productive ways."

Golden Code Development Partner Eric Faulhaber remarked of the migration, "Bringing the new system online was practically seamless, which is unheard of for a project of this scope and complexity.  We literally shut down the old system the night of the cut-over, migrated the customer's data, and brought up the new system at the start of the next work shift.  Had the users not been alerted in advance, they would not have known the application was running on an entirely new technology foundation."

Golden Code Development offers Progress to Java source-to-source conversion and migration support services, using its proven P2J technology.  Customers wishing to leave the Progress 4GL platform permanently are encouraged to contact the company to begin planning their transition to Java.  Contact information is provided below.

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