Golden Code® RTE and SDK for the JavaTM 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SETM platform) Release 1.4.1_03 Generally Available

Licenses Free for Personal and Commercial Use

July 24, 2003 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Golden Code Development today announced it is shipping its port to OS/2 of JavaTM 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SETM platform) release 1.4.1. Included in this product is JavaTM Web Start 1.2_02. The product will be licensed without cost for personal and commercial use. Fee-based support services are available from Golden Code Development and IBM Global Services.

This release marks the first and only J2SE 1.4 finished product to be made generally available to OS/2 customers.

"Sun Microsystems welcomes the announcement of Golden Code's J2SE 1.4.1 for OS/2 FCS release", said Karen Shipe, Product Line Manager for the J2SE platform, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "By maintaining parity with the features of Java available on other platforms, customers can support the latest business function on OS/2 while it is necessary, and are able to more easily transition away from OS/2 when it is required."

"With the Golden Code port, OS/2 customers now have a robust, high performance and compatible J2SE 1.4 platform", said Greg Shah, President of Golden Code Development. "No other J2SE 1.4 product for OS/2 provides this same level of function or reliability. For example, the Golden Code JVM is the only J2SE 1.4 product that provides such features as SMP support and a fully functioning debugger."

High Performance, Native Implementation

Golden Code Development's native port of Sun Microsystems' release 1.4.1_03 code base has been built from the ground up to run on OS/2. By avoiding the use of emulation technology, Golden Code has avoided the reliability and performance limitations inherent in such approaches. Run time performance is second to none, surpassing the competition in most scenarios. This strong performance is achieved without compromising system integrity, making the Golden Code port a "good citizen" with respect to sharing system resources with other applications and system processes.

Extensively Tested

The Golden Code product has been comprehensively tested by external beta testers, through rigorous in-house regression testing, and with Sun's stringent Java Compatibility Kit. The following configurations have been explicitly certified Java CompatibleTM:

Enterprise Support Services

As Java technology continues to evolve, Golden Code Development will continue to provide a compatible, robust Java environment on OS/2, backed by enterprise class support. This comprehensive service offering is designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers. Clients are supported with custom build lines, customer-specific test environments, unlimited level 3 defect support, native ports of newer releases of the J2SE technology to OS/2, specialized diagnostic tools, a defect and security alert service, and a number of other mechanisms designed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Support contracts are available directly from Golden Code Development. Level 1 and 2 support is also available through IBM Global Services. Contact Golden Code Development for more information.

Golden Code Development also provides consulting and custom development services to help clients leverage Java technology as a platform migration strategy. With its long history of Java development and the detailed understanding of the internals of Java Virtual Machine technology, Golden Code makes an outstanding Java development partner. The Java development services available range from client side Swing applications to the latest Web applications using the Model-View-Controller paradigm, open standards and common application server, database and messaging technologies.


This product is generally available now. While software licenses are freely available to most users, export is restricted to some countries, due to U.S. export laws, and Golden Code Development reserves the right to refuse licensing to any user. To register for a free license, users should visit Golden Code Development's website at

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As a consulting firm and independent software developer, Golden Code Development Corporation helps its clients design, build, and manage mission critical, networked computing environments. The company specializes in technologies and techniques which enable the creation of highly managed systems with exceptionally low cost of ownership. Golden Code Development's core competencies include OS/2, Java, and Server-Managed Client solutions, such as IBM's WorkSpace On-Demand. Its expertise in these areas, combined with a disciplined design and implementation methodology, make Golden Code Development an ideal technology partner for the enterprise customer.

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