Golden Code Development Announces Java 2 Standard Edition 1.4 and Mozilla Web Browser Service Offering for OS/2

August 14, 2002 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Golden Code Development today announced a comprehensive service solution, which includes a new, OS/2 port of the Java 2 Standard Edition ("J2SE") platform, release 1.4, and ongoing development and support for the the Mozilla Web Browser under OS/2. The company is working with InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH ( of Eriskirch, Germany, to cooperatively develop the OS/2 port of the J2SE platform and to market the overall service solution.

"We believe this offering meets a crucial need for enterprise customers," said Greg Shah, Golden Code's CEO. "These customers are deploying Java and web solutions in an increasingly heterogeneous environment which includes OS/2. They need to maintain JVM and browser consistency across operating systems. By providing current, OS/2 implementations of these critical, application environments, we are enabling our customers to deploy and manage their solutions more effectively."

Golden Code Development has entered into agreements with Sun Microsystems to allow it to commercially distribute the OS/2 port of the J2SE environment. The OS/2 version is being certified to be 100% compatible with Java Community Process standards and will be branded and distributed as a fully compliant, Java 2 development platform and runtime environment. Development of the Mozilla web browser for OS/2 will comply with the specifications defined by the community.

This solution includes the availability of new, OS/2 ports of Java Web Start and the Java plug-in for the Mozilla web browser. Golden Code Development will maintain ongoing development for all software components of the offering, to ensure its customers always have the latest versions available on OS/2.

Flexible, defect support service is tailored to the deployment cycles and needs of the enterprise customer. The software distribution for this solution includes a set of powerful, diagnostic tools to speed problem determination and resolution.

Service engagements for the Mozilla web browser portion of this offering can begin immediately. The OS/2 port of J2SE release 1.4 is scheduled to be available in the fourth quarter of 2002. Customers are encouraged to contact Golden Code Development now to discuss terms and pricing.

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