Golden Code Development Announces Kernel TraceTM for OS/2*

OS/2 System Level Tracing Software Reduces Cost of Ownership of OS/2 Environments

Atlanta, Georgia, October 17, 2001 - Golden Code Development Corporation today announced the general availability of Kernel Trace for OS/2, its operating system tracing software for OS/2.  The Kernel Trace product enables any OS/2 machine to generate a detailed trace of system activity and requests made of the OS/2 kernel.  The resulting traces are analyzed using the Golden Code Trace AnalyzerTM for Java*, also announced today.

"With Kernel Trace, we have enabled a new level of inspection into an OS/2 system", said Eric Faulhaber, manager of Golden Code Development's Software Products Team.  "We believe this is an invaluable tool which OS/2 system engineers, developers, and administrators will use to solve problems and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of their environments."

Product highlights include:

Uses of this product include:


Product sales and demonstration versions of Kernel Trace for OS/2 are available directly from Golden Code Development.  For additional information, visit, e-mail, or call 678-352-2301.

About Kernel Trace for OS/2

Kernel Trace for OS/2 is software designed to reduce the cost of ownership of OS/2 systems.  The most comprehensive commercial software of its kind, Kernel Trace leverages the hooks provided for an installable security subsystem by OS/2, to collect useful information about the activity of OS/2 applications and of the kernel itself.   This information is written to a binary file for later analysis using the Golden Code Trace Analyzer.  Kernel Trace makes it easy to gather traces, whether on a local machine, or on the most remote machine in the enterprise.  It is easily deployed through standard software distribution.  Additional information, including product brochures and documentation, are available at

About Golden Code Development

As a consulting firm and independent software developer, Golden Code Development Corporation helps its clients design, build, and manage mission critical, networked computing environments. The company specializes in technologies and techniques which enable the creation of highly scalable systems with exceptionally low cost of ownership.  Golden Code's core competencies include OS/2, Java, and Server-Managed Client solutions, such as IBM's WorkSpace On-Demand. Its expertise in these areas, combined with a disciplined design and implementation methodology, make Golden Code an ideal technology partner for the enterprise customer.

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