Golden Code Development Announces Version 1.1 Upgrade to Network TraceTM for OS/2*

Premier Network Packet Capture Software for OS/2 Gains New Features, Better Performance

Atlanta, Georgia, June 9, 2000 - Golden Code Development Corporation today announced the release of version 1.1 of Network Trace for OS/2.  This latest release of the company's network packet capture software for OS/2 and WorkSpace On-Demand* environments was specifically designed to address the needs of customers with very high network traffic conditions.  Numerous enhancements have been made to improve the product's usability, versatility, and performance.

"We are very excited about this release," said Greg Shah, president of Golden Code.  "Every major limitation of the original version has been addressed, and we have virtually eliminated frame loss with a new, high-performance architecture."  He added, "We think clients with heavily utilized networks will be very pleased with the improvements in this version."

Among the enhancements included in the version 1.1 product are:


Product sales and demonstration versions of Network Trace for OS/2 are available directly from Golden Code Development.  For additional information, e-mail info@goldencode.com, call 678-352-2301, or write to the address below.

About Network Trace for OS/2

Network Trace is the only network packet capture software commercially available today for the OS/2 platform.  It is designed to reduce the cost of ownership of OS/2 and WorkSpace On-Demand environments by providing IT managers with a simple and cost-effective mechanism to gather network trace data across the enterprise.  Network Trace is part of the growing family of systems and network management technologies developed by Golden Code Development.  Additional information, including product brochures and documentation, are available at www.goldencode.com.

About Golden Code Development

Golden Code Development Corporation is a consulting company and an independent software developer, focused on minimizing the cost of ownership of its customers' technology systems.  The company's consulting operation develops highly-managed, low-cost systems for its clients.  Its software development business builds commercial tools to help its customers more effectively manage their systems.  Golden Code is an IBM Business Partner.  Additional information on Golden Code is available at www.goldencode.com.

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